Eidos Montreal has just released Patch 1.06 for Shadow of the Tomb Raider for Xbox and Playstation Versions, that was released on September 14.

The patch is +/- 2.4 gigabyte and has added stability and performance improvements.


– Fixed an issue where reloading just as you opened a locked strongbox would not make it count towards 100% completion.
– Fixed a progression blocker in a Peruvian Jungle crypt, causing a stone pillar to disappear.
– Fixed a progression blocker in Trial of the Eagle.
– Fixed a progression blocker in the Mission of San Juan library.
– Fixed a progression blocker in Lara’s dream.
– Fixed an issue where Unuratu would become invisible during the prison escape.
– Fixed an issue where jaguars would freeze in place.
– Improvements to enemy AI perception.
– Fixed an issue on PS4 where some sounds would not be consistent with Lara’s position and the camera’s perspective.

The patch will be applied automatically when you next start the game.


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