Titan Books, a publisher of film, video game and TV tie-in books , will release the novel Shadow of the Tomb Raider – Path of the Apocalypse, by S. D. Perry, on September 18, 2018 as Paperback.

The novel is written by S. D. Perry, a top genre author, who has written tie-in novels to the much-loved Resident Evil games franchise, as well as novels for popular series Aliens, Alien vs. Predator, Star Trek and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and movie novelizations for Timecop and Virus. She is the daughter of bestselling sci-fi author Steve Perry.

The official tie-in novel to the Shadow of the Tomb Raider video game.

Tomb Raider - Path of the Apocalypse

In a brand-new adventure, Lara Croft must evade the agents of Trinity and discover an ancient secret. When a mysterious stranger offers to help Lara uncover a clue that could give her the upper hand, she embarks on an expedition to a system of caves in Colombia. However, once they learn of Lara’s plans, Trinity will stop at nothing to reach the location first. Trinity believes they can turn the tables on Lara, but in the darkness of the underground caverns, there are terrors in the depths that neither Lara nor Trinity anticipated.

Pages: 320 pages
Publisher: Titan Books
Language: English
Product Dimensions: 5.1 x 8 inches
Release: September 18, 2018
Price: $ 14,99 SRP

ISBN-10: 178565991X
ISBN-13: 978-1785659911

The guide is now available for pre-order at Amazon – CLICK HERE


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