Dark Horse Comics has announced that the Tomb Raider II #6 comic, will be out on July 27, 2016 as Print Edition.

The comic is written by Mariko Tamaki, Art by Phillip Sevy and Covers by Agustin Alessio.

The official synopsis of Tomb Raider II #6 comic:

Tamaki’s exhilarating first arc comes to a close! Professor Demur has located a mushroom said to grant the impossible in a feat that nearly cost him his life — and Lara’s! However, danger still lingers, and it’s stalking Lara Croft!

Pages: 32
Price: $3.99

Below is the Preview Cover of the upcoming comic. Click on the image to enlarge.


Dark Horse Comics is licensed by Crystal Dynamics/Square Enix in a new TOMB RAIDER/LARA CROFT comic book series.


  1. “Tomb Raider” 2013 is it the best video game I have ever played, even better then “Rise of the Tomb Raider” wish you success with new version Tomb Raider hopefully this is coming up soon, only map in new version (2016) was better then in older (2013) but game play and story itself was better in older version (2013) probably best PC and video game ever, thanks and do not be afraid of criticism here is anyway horribly pictures about Lara’s Croft death and so on, cool video game it should be attractive and Lara’s Croft gives to it color, I remember scene from “Prince of Persia” where prince could not choose right Elika (2008) and jumps to emptiness that scenes giving empathy to the game, so you making a game which is more emotional makes it better and good graphics


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