Crystal Dynamics has release a sixth Gear Up Guide featuring Lara’s various outfits from the Rise of the Tomb Raider video-game.

The guides include character turnarounds, accessories, and a note from the Art Director Brenoch Adams.

Apex Predator Outfit
The Apex Predator outfit salvages elements from the native bears Lara encounters in the harsh Siberian landscape. Dark fur contrasts with red accents in the waist sash and leg band, reflecting the violent altercations between Lara and predatory wildlife. The claws of the bear dangle around her neck as both a sign of victory and a warning to any who oppose her. She ritualistically displays the blood of the hunt on her face to intimidate enemies. A two-buckle heeled boot is wrapped with leathers, topped with fur for extra warmth. Apex Predator represents Lara at her most savage.

Gear Up Guide - Apex Predator

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More outfits in the near future.

Rise of the Tomb Raider builds upon the formula that made Tomb Raider a success, and features the return of Camilla Luddington as Lara Croft. Camilla will take character performance to new heights as Lara pushes herself beyond human limits and is confronted with what it means to become a hero. Once again, Crystal Dynamics is proud to have the award-winning author Rhianna Pratchett as a key member of the writing team, helping craft a story that delves into Lara’s inner turmoil and motivations in this critical second act of her journey.


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